Malus 'Adam's after a light rain

Today it rained.  When I lived on the west coast, rain seemed like an every day occurrence that most people would rather not have to live with.  It was usually a cold rain and layers of fleece and rain gear was all that could keep you dry.  I always appreciated what rain brought, growth and life to the wonderful beauty of the pacific northwest.  But now that I live on the east coast, rain means something very different to me.  I miss rain most of the time and find simple pleasure and comfort in hearing the beginnings of a gentle rain; I feel connected to the bigger picture at that moment and all my senses are awakened.  But most of all, I love what rain reveals to those who listen.


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I love both the color palette and the depth of field in this photo. And I love the rain! We’ve had so little this summer in the NW, we may appreciate it more when it returns this fall!

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