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So autumn days are here and the visual signs of summer’s end have dotted the landscape with yellow, orange and red.  In the life cycle of plants, most people believe that autumn is the end of a growing season, the beginning of death, harvest time, and closing the garden for winter hibernation.  But if you look close enough and really observe what is going on… it’s a beginning.  The male cones of Cedrus atlantica (Glauca Group), or true cedars are growing full of pollen.  Berries on viburnum, dogwoods, and hollies are ripening and falling to the ground; much plant life is starting new life in autumn.


One thought on “Cycles

  1. Rhoda, this is beautiful, as I view it with “lay-woman’s eyes.” But, if I see it with my horticulturist lens, it is magnificent! Again … poetry!

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