Dancing trees

Loving Maples

Do you ever wonder what forces are at work that makes trees dance?  I do.  I find trees like these Acer saccharum (sugar maples) special, having a spirit all there own, different and unique to each pair.  Fall color in our native flora in Southeastern Pennsylvania is at it peak this week.  Last week I visited Promised Land State Park in the Poconos and found these embracing maples.

What do you hear or see in these trees?

For more blogs about fall color on the east coast and its progression south, see the fall color project.


8 thoughts on “Dancing trees

  1. Rhoda,

    You have some very nice photography on your site. I was looking around and saw the picture of the ponytail grass with the dewdrop, very cool! The artistic nature of the trees dancing is perfect. Thanks for participating in the fall color project!

  2. Oh my goodness! Rhoda, such a magical dance of nature. What a beautiful photo. Hope you don’t mind that I linger awhile.

    (Found you via Dave.)

  3. Rhoda, thank you. We’re in the Willamette valley and do love it here, except I’m not fond of hot dry summers and especially not the valley’s summer grass pollens which tend to play havoc with me. 😉 I too enjoy the rain.

    How fortunate for you to have worked with Dan Hinkley! Years ago we visited Heronswood (when he still owned it), and we have many plants in our garden because of him.

    Look forward to seeing more of your work.

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