Be open to mystery

DSC_9436 copy

Last weekend I was lucky to be given a trip to Virginia for my birthday.  The weather was not very cooperative for the shooting I was hoping to do of the falls in Great Falls National Park.  So we spent the remainder of the morning exploring along the Potomac River after disappointing morning light at the falls.  But we found Scott’s Run Nature Preserve later in the day and decided to take a walk in the middle of the afternoon.  Sometimes the best photographs are made when you don’t have preconceived concepts or images in your head and instead find them as I did here at the creek running through the preserve.  The rocks beckoned me from the path to explore them and after only 2 other images and visual exploration and examination of the geometry they played, I found this angle looking upstream into the beech forest.  I could sense a good photograph from the path along the creek; a sense pulling me more than normal.  I need to follow those instincts more often.  As Jay Maisel told me at the Photography at the Summit workshop last October, “If you’re not open to mystery, why should it find you?”


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