Time behind the camera

This time of year when I have less light to work with at the end or start of the day (having a full time job that I enjoy sometimes gets in the way of photography!),  I am reminded of how much time behind the camera is special for me in so many ways.  Not only am I able to create my best images when I don’t have a schedule to keep, but the entire immersion is therapeutic and spiritual for me.

This image was taken at Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania this autumn when Joe and I were able to take an entire day to wander the park at our own pace.  It speaks to me of life and death, joyful transformation and the mysteries of life.


3 thoughts on “Time behind the camera

  1. Less light but longer twilight. I am in the same situation, and I bet we are not the only ones, but I love that winter gives me much longer twilight hours and that I don’t have to stay until 9pm in some remote location to wait for twilight.

  2. I love this…I see a hand reaching out…and a good bit more….this is my imemediate response from the emo perspective, which is me. I love it!

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