We have tried utopia and can no longer afford it…

To quote directly from Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods, “Professor David Orr describes what he believes is a paradigm shift in “design intelligence”… He calls for a “higher order of heroism,” one that encompasses charity, wildness, and the rights of children.  As he defines it, a sane civilization would have more parks and fewer shopping malls; more small farms and fewer agribusinesses; more prosperous small towns and smaller cities; more solar collectors and fewer strip mines; more bicycle trails and fewer freeways; more trains and fewer cars; more celebration and less hurry.  Utopia?  No. says Orr.  We have tried utopia and can no longer afford it.”

While this paragraph is obviously biased towards western civilization, it simply states many of the values I hold dear.  At this time of year when we start to get inundated with holiday propaganda, simple statements like this, the fact that a friend discovered a new species of single-celled microorganisms last week, and making time to photograph the world around us bring me back to the true value and wonder of the the inter-connectedness of life.

Enjoy this close-up of a wild grass taken just after sunset at a “vacant lot” near Mostardi’s Nursery with my Nikon 105mm VR Micro f/2.8G IF-ED lens just as the sun dropped behind a ridge of trees.


2 thoughts on “We have tried utopia and can no longer afford it…

  1. Hi Rhoda, beautiful photo as always and words to ponder. I always come back to balance… what has happened to “balance” in what we do.

    We reject all the marketing of Christmas, the shopping, the stuff that no one needs.. I shouldn’t start, but it should be celebrated in spirit and not assets. Give me a load of manure (oh, I already got that) and I’m pretty pleased about next years garden.

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