Winter’s colors

I’m mesmerized by the colors of winter.  Bright days after a snowstorm, the soft overcast days and the luscious rainy days.  Yesterday was one of those soft days when the light seemed to cool the colors of everything including this Amsonia hubrectii, or  thread-leaf blue stem, stalk of seed pods.  On any other sunny day, these stems seem much more brown; but yesterday the silver and blue that’s normally hidden by the direct sun became pronounced.  This reminds me of another quote from Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, “Even dormant, the seed of nature grows with just a little water.”


3 thoughts on “Winter’s colors

  1. The recent icy cold snowstorm in Ohio in early January 2010, follows a similar parallel. The snow stuck to every single twig on each tree, which gave an aura of a lovely winter wonderland. This closeup of something as minute as a blade of bluestem grass, is also a winter wonderland, cloaked in its snowy coat.

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