I find myself more and more thinking about  images long before I actually take them.  Sometimes the essence seems to come to me in my dreams and other times in savasana after yoga practice;  later I find the subject matter.  I also find myself wondering what is it about some images that engage me so.   The impressions and abstract work of William Neill, the profound graphics of Bruce Barnbaum’s work, the quiet stillness of Michael Kenna’s images… they speak to me on more than an emotional level… they are truly magical… or perhaps even spiritual.

I’ve long believed that we all have more than just the five physical senses.   Have you ever experienced a time when you know someone who has passed on is visiting you?  Or you keep getting clues from seemingly different sources to direct your actions in one way or another?  Or do you ever dream something and then it comes true?  I have.   But for several years now my day to day job changed so that I did not have time to think about anything but the tasks at hand; I no longer had a creative outlet in my daily routine.  But I knew I needed this process… I needed to create and to listen again.  Two years ago I recommitted myself to this important part of my humanity; I devoted myself to learning photography as an art form.  And now I feel a reconnection to those other senses I temporarily ignored.  Until now, I just didn’t realize how important these senses and connections were for my creative process and my happiness.

Cornus kousa ‘Wolf Eyes’, a selection of Korean dogwood in the above image.


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