I’ve been watching this location for quite some time… the graphics and colors of the light blue striped metal building with a line of dying trees.  But the light has not been right until this past weekend after the late morning clearing of heavy cloud cover.  The sky revealed just enough bright light to add the needed contrast and same hue as the building.  But something also told me this needed to be a black and white image.  A feeling of abandonment was emanating from this place and I think the black and white conversion helps with this translation.


3 thoughts on “abandoned

  1. Rhoda,
    Great! Evokes the feelings in me that you spoke of. I ususally look to photos to inspire me and fill me with wonder. This one makes me feel really empty, although I appreciate the artistry. Thanks for including me on your journey.

  2. Rhoda, When I said “empty” I didn’t mean “nothing”. Just a clarification. It evokes a very strong feeling in me, accompanied with many associations. It also shows me that I don’t know what to expect from you anymore! Not just another pretty picture, that’s for sure. Shelley

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