Photographing during a light rain, or just after a light rain is one of my favorite conditions to capture in the garden.  The foliage of many perennials like this native bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) will be joyously singing towards the sky from the renewal rain; and their colors seem more saturated in the overcast light.

I’m finding my photography more and more following a water theme this spring, but not always obviously so.  I’ve just purchased a Think Tank Hydrophobia® 70-200 rain cover that is a dream to use.  It offers my gear and especially zoom lens great protection when I have more than a few hours of photography planned in adverse conditions.   I still carry an OP/Tech RAINSLEEVE™ in my kit for emergencies and that unexpected shower not found in the weather forecast  since it’s extremely light and portable.  I’ve even used it to keep my gear protected from blowing sand at the beach.  Both rain covers offer easy use with or without a tripod.  I decide which one to use based upon shooting conditions, weather severity and how quickly I need a cover.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Think Tank Hydrophobia works during a snowstorm next winter!


3 thoughts on “rain

  1. Rhoda, this is right up my alley; great detail, composition that really highlights the monochromatic subject matter, very nice juxtaposition of shapes and the “hint” of layering! I have to get back out; haven’t been shooting in a few weeks.

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