behind the lens

After photographing the amazing sunrise yesterday morning across Cunningham Field, all to myself and without the scurrying feet of hundreds of soccer campers, I visited one of my favorite gardens at the Scott Arboretum, the John W. Nason Garden.  At this time of year, the grasses are in full swing highlighted by many members of the AsteraceaeSilphium perfoliatum, Rudbeckia maxima, Ratibida pinnata and assorted Echinacea selections.  I was deep into the photographic process by the time I made my way to the Entrance Garden at the Scott Arboretum Office almost 3 hours later.  So much so that I didn’t even notice several of our volunteers out for their early morning walk.  Being behind the lens brings me close to the rhythms of nature not much differently than meditation does and allows me to see her more clearly.


8 thoughts on “behind the lens

  1. Rhoda,
    How true, that being in your “gardens” is comparable to meditation!
    The lilies seem to be extra plentiful this year, and your creatuve composition no doubt is doubly delightful to gaze upon.

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