moon set

Last week I was busy in Champaign-Urbana, Ilinois attending an AERGC (Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators) meeting.  But when I arrived at the small 4 gate airport on Sunday the sky was blazing for a beautiful sunset.  I was in the heartland and the summer storms were at their peak.  It was all I could do to get checked into the hotel room and grab the camera from my bag to shoot out the 5th floor hotel room!  The next morning something woke me up quite early and I saw this amazing moon in the still cloudy sky.  I knew there would be another great opportunity in about 30 minutes for a moon set as the sunrise came into play.

The next 3 days were full of great lectures and meeting fellow greenhouse managers.  But after dinner the second night I was able to witness another wonderful display of light.  I cannot decide which of these images is my favorite, so please comment!  Darn that I packed light because my focus was the conference and didn’t bring the wide-angle… lesson learned!


7 thoughts on “moon set

  1. Awesome, Rhoda! It’s hard to choose the favorite, but I’m leaning toward the redder horizon with darkening blue sky at top. I love your work.

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