sunset over the city

I’ve been in a state of emotional limbo this past week loosing some motivation to go out and shoot.  I know this happens on occasion to every artist, but I just cannot seem to find that spark in my usual subject matter.  So I’ve started playing with the camera… not trying to really capture anything in particular, but rather trying to capture how my spirit is feeling in my images.  This image is close to reflecting that state of conflict and retrospection that I am feeling right now.  Who knows, this might be a new body of work?


2 thoughts on “sunset over the city

  1. I REALLY like the soft hues that you captured in the sunset. Stunning. What is the other stuff? Rhoda and some friends running by with colored light sticks? It is a cool effect that I can’t quite fathom. Thanks.

    • That would be quite a long exposure! But alas the “other stuff” is the city lights below. I panned the camera horizontally across the sky to give this sharp contrast abstraction. Thanks!

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