red in September

young seedhead of Magnolia grandiflora

This morning was a perfect morning for macro photography… not a hint of a breeze, a chill in the air with some morning fog and dew.  Just before sunrise I found this magnificent Magnolia grandiflora covered in cone-like structures.  These fruiting cones turn pink to red when they ripen and later this fall will split open to reveal the brilliant red seeds suspended on a fine silk-like thread.

Today they remind me of autumn’s renewal.  So many think of autumn as a time of decay, death and dormancy.  But autumn is also the time of spring hopeful and the renewal of life.


2 thoughts on “red in September

  1. Beauty, bounty, butterflies… and now I can add Magnolia grandiflora to my list of fall wonders.I had to immediately go to the closest one (maybe 30 feet away tops) and see for myself. Sure enough, its cones were as pictured minus the dewy sheen that makes this shot so fine. Thanks for the great capture.

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