subtle autumn

Image taken with Nikon D700, 105mm lens at ISO 200, 2sec @ f/32

Sunday I spent much of the day scouting a little further from home for potential fall color spots in SE Pennsylvania.  But I am always amazed at what might be found just in my own backyard if I take the time to venture out a little further, look a little closer, and at the same time open myself up to possibilities.

I’ve admired this grove of wild sassafras in the Crum Woods for years, but I’ve never been able to capture what it is about them that I find so appealing.  I’ve always taken a frame of the whole tree in its fall coat.  But it’s the wildness and the twisted forms that really catch my imagination.  They aren’t quite at their peak yet.  But I realized today that the transition between summer and peak fall color is subtly beautiful.  Why do most photographers always seek out the “show” or “color peak” to photograph trees in autumn?  Perhaps because color has such a strong impact to images and our reactions to them.  And don’t get me wrong… I love these images too.  Fall color is a miracle to behold.  But I find myself lingering longer with images that don’t have such a color punch, but where the colors play a softer role in my contemplative process.


2 thoughts on “subtle autumn

  1. Yes, I agree. This appears to be a picture of a grape vine covered grove of sassafras trees that need pruning. Your words followed by a click on the thumbnail transforms that conception to that of nature as an incredibly wonderful process that is constantly changing. At any given moment we have the privilege to behold something truly unique and beautiful. Then, with a shifting of the clouds or a passing breeze, its gone, on to the next singular natural moment. The “peak” is a ruse devised by those who won’t take the time to appreciate the journey.

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