I’ve been unable to make new images for several weeks.  Not for a lack of motivation…  tonight was a beautiful sunset with bright purple, orange and red and we’ve had several amazing ice and snow events.  No, the reason I’ve not been able to photograph is I’ve been waiting on my new eyeglasses; the toric lenses are giving the optician some troubles and I’m getting a lesson in patience.  When I photograph up close, I focus manually.  And since I’ve been in the suburbs of Philadelphia this winter, I’ve been limited to the more intimate landscape.  The image for this post was made last year after an epic snowfall.  I really like the contrast of the tree trunk with the tree’s shadows on the snow.  The way the snow melts around the tree trunk is also an amazing piece of science in the wonders of nature.  As the temperatures start to nudge well above freezing this week I am promised those eyeglasses… just in time to see some signs of late winter flowers?


5 thoughts on “shadows

  1. But really this is an incredible shot. You know we never
    get that kind of snow out this way. Maybe in the mountains but
    thats just to far away. Great Pic.

  2. The snow has the fluidity of melting ice cream, and the chocolateness of the tree trunk tempts my tastebuds into thinking this is a sundae to be devoured. Yum!
    PS I am on a serious diet as of Saturday. Is it okay to dream?
    Great picture!

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