Today I found myself grateful… grateful for the flowing water from the tap of my bathroom sink; grateful for this gift from nature that landed on the leaf of an evergreen tree in the mountains, nourished the land and travelled through a myriad of her waterways and human plumbing systems to allow me to splash some tepid water on my face as a greeting to the day.  I found myself grateful for sunshine… solar radiation to warm my body while working in the below average temperatures today. And grateful that even though the weather has been chilly, spring is continuing to push forward with new delights for our senses most every day.  The Puschkinia scilloides, or striped squill, popped open today; they bloom shortly after Scilla siberica and Scilla mischtschenkoana in southeastern Pennsylvania.  And while I enjoy all the spring bulbs and the way they cheerfully greet spring and attract the early season pollinators, I especially enjoy the striped squill.  It’s a little less abundant, a little more delicate, and requires a little more attention to notice it’s unique morphology from Chionodoxa sp. and Scilla sp.  Tomorrow will bring another day to be grateful and surely more sings of spring…


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