spring 2011

Every day is different… and this past week spring has decided to keep things moving at a furious pace.

I walk a mile every morning and night for my commute to work; and every walk I notice something else popping out of the ground or coming to life from a branch.  I prefer a slower spring, one where I can savor the transition and slow down enough from our culture’s work/life expectations enough to notice the magic that is happening in a continual flow before us.

On my walk last night, this native Pachysandra procumbens captured my attention enough to stop the furious pace of my day; and before I knew it I had spent 30 minutes wondering at its tiny blossoms.  I try not to think about anything during this time… Oh sure I think about technical aspects of taking the image with the given conditions, but then I set myself free.  I just allow experiences to be noticed and they in turn help form my approach to photographing what I see.

I’ve been struggling to make time for a meditation practice beyond yoga.  And I think I’ve finally realized… I’m struggling because I already have a meditation practice I enjoy.  I just need to spend more time practicing and allow that practice to flow in the direction it’s meant to.


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