spring in a parking lot

After spending much of my time in my home garden this spring cultivating new ground for a vegetable garden and building a protective fence of harvested bamboo from the edge of the property, I am getting back to posting new images taken this spring. Although it doesn’t feel much like spring today in Pennsylvania with temperatures reaching 91F today.  But the tomatoes are enjoying the heat and I am hoping for a nice crop of heirlooms later this summer.

I’ve seen several posts from fellow photographers on the west coast of dogwoods in bloom, so I thought I might also post a dogwood I found this spring, Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Chief’ in a parking lot.  The amazing red bracts caught my attention from over 200ft away as they popped against the fresh green lawn on the hill behind it.  This was one of those moments when I know I’ve found something special. Maybe not a spectacular image, but something that resonates with my creative spirit that will influence my life and my art.


8 thoughts on “spring in a parking lot

  1. The soft appearance of this photo belies the crazy temperatures of today. Good, saturated colors; unexpected under our hot weather too. Nice.


  2. Planting a pink dogwood tree in my yard has always been of my desire. Your shot makes it possible to enjoy the wonderful red and pink variations year round. The delicacy of the blossoms is reminiscent of Japanese gardens.


  3. The red dogwood is my favorite, though I do love the white snowy petals tinged with the green veins.
    This is a perfectly lovely image to reminisce on the cooler days of Spring.

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