hot papaya

With tomorrow’s solstice and the official beginning of summer, I thought I would post this image of a relatively new coneflower introduced by my friends at Plants Nouveau, Echinacea ‘Hot Papaya’.  I found it blooming last night in the entrance garden of the Scott Arboretum.  And although I took the typical portrait shot with as much detail as my 105mm macro lens could capture at f/45, I quickly found the sultry petals luring me in for a closer look.  So I recomposed and found f/7.1 to capture enough detail that you can still infer it’s a flower, yet with a shallow enough depth of field to soften the flow… an image more reflective of the plant’s name!


4 thoughts on “hot papaya

  1. Beautiful colour. Definitely makes me want to see some of these new coneflowers. This is very new to me. I just discovered a pale yellow one last week… I wonder ablout the medicinal properties of these new hybrids. Any thoughts?

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