a new place to discover… a new path to follow

_DSC9312webI’ve now been in Geneva, NY for four weeks.  I’ve yet to pull out the camera in any serious attempt to make images, but I’ve been soaking in the authentic beauty of the area surrounding the Finger Lakes.  The sky is immense here and the farms have a unique beauty to them among the rolling hills.  In many ways this place is stirring up ties to my roots in Ohio.  I’ll be venturing out to Watkin’s Glen this weekend and the Adirondack’s are only a couple hours away.  So in the future I’m seeing the subject matter of my photography growing, to include what exactly I’m not sure.  But that is part of the journey… letting things come and following them where they lead, taking the time to get to know my new home, what surrounds and becomes a part of me.  So while I don’t have an image to share today, I will have many more in the near future.

I’ve also seen photographers living in an area they are intimately familiar with who also struggle with ways to find something new, trying to make the familiar strange, looking at things from a different vantage point of personal interpretation.  I’ve often found that putting the camera aside for a few moments or purposefully going out without the camera to soak up the wonders that surround us every day sparks something for me.  I’m not suggesting not having the camera close by just in case you have that amazing sunset or amazing moment you want to capture.  But putting aside the focus of creation and changing my focus to pure observation can facilitate deeper meaning and translation. It’s just as easy to be superficial when you are new to a place as when you are intimately familiar.  So I’m focusing on allowing my inner creative voice, my inner connection with being human to guide me along this new path for a while.


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