scouting Watkins Glen

What was I thinking not bringing my tripod to Watkins Glen State Park?  Well this was a scouting trip and a day out that wasn’t supposed to focus on photography.  I found a few gems even among all the harsh light coming in from above the glen.  Tuning out the hundreds of tourists was a bit harder along this 1.5mile walk.  But leaving behind most of my equipment allowed me to see possibilities and make notes of what I want to bring next time, a wider angle lens, the Vari-ND and polarizing filters and the tripod along with a telephoto.  What I really ‘saw’ was what could be, at a different time of day and a different time of year.  This will be a beautiful place to visit again and again when fewer people are escaping the summer heat and the architecture is subtly contrasted by the softness of ephemeral moments of fallen leaves or ice and snow.  


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