reflective images from 2012

_DSC2491-Edit-2RAMweb This past year has been far from usual, full of many changes, personal growth, true gifts of friendship and new grounding in Geneva, NY.  I’ve moved into a Greenhouse & Grounds Manager position with the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, am half-way through graduate school in the Critical and Creative Thinking Program: Science in a Changing World at UMass Boston, and am trying to balance time for photography and life with Joe.

_DSC2479RAMwebSince I don’t have as much free time to dedicate to image creation, I find myself bringing the camera along and finding images in different places along the way.  I don’t have a botanic garden in my back yard anymore, so many of my newest images are growing into new subject matter, to include what exactly I’m not sure.  But that is part of the journey… letting things come and following them where they lead, taking the time to get to know my new home, what surrounds and becomes a part of me.

_DSC2691RAMwebAs I reflect on this year of photographs, I realize many of them are not the cheerful images I’ve become known for.  But they reflect the transition, the introspection and the struggles I’ve had this year.  I’ve found myself translating much of my graduate studies to life in general, and continue to find editing an amazingly reflective practice that helps bring into perspective the small gifts I’ve received in my photographic journey every time I bring images up on the monitor or review them in print.  Taking the time to review those images produced in only one year is something that Jim Goldstein inspired me to do a couple years ago as part of his blog projects: Best Photos of 2010 by JMG-Galleries Blog Readers and Best Photos of 2011 by JMG-Galleries Blog Readers.  I found the practice so rewarding that I’m continuing this practice for 2012.

Enjoy and I hope you have a wonderfully meaningful New Year!_DSC3368-Edit-EditRAMweb


My Best Images of 2011

My Best Images of 2010

_DSC2540-EditRAMweb _DSC2454-Edit-2RAMweb_DSC2646RAMweb_DSC2967RAMweb_DSC3060RAMweb_DSC3354RAMweb


11 thoughts on “reflective images from 2012

  1. I think, even with struggling against what life throws at you, you managed to get some good images this passing year. The last one is so simply and in holiday spirit, but I truly love the stormy clouds over winter landscape and the black & white, full of texture view of the trees? grass? I can feel the grittiness of the testure in this image,

    • Thank you Iza. I was surprised how drawn to black & white I was this year… maybe something to do with inward feelings and attentions. But I’m excited about spring in my new home landscape and getting out to experience her beauty.

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