a winter walk

_DSC3499RAMwebYesterday was one of those winter days when I just had to get out of the house and see what all this snowfall has done to the winter landscape near our home.  We didn’t have a bright blue sky or a fresh snowfall.  Rather it was a cool drizzle after a warm rainy day before.  But Joe and I now live in an area surrounded by gorges, and gorges mean waterfalls.  So when the big snow starts to melt and it’s followed by rain… well, I just had to see how full the falls were flowing.  And while these would have been nicer with a bright blue sky, these images give you a sense of how bitterly cold the walk was from the falls spray and soggy ground underfoot.  And they give me a way of getting to know my new home and visions of spring ahead.

All photos at Taughannock State Park





One thought on “a winter walk

  1. Rhoda,
    It just cannot be possible that these heavily flowing falls are one and the same that we saw in September 2012! The pictures make me feel as if I am being swept away! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

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