from the top of Lucifer Falls

from the top of Lucifer Falls

Yesterday was yet another day of exploring the wonderful state parks of New York state.  This is the vantage point from the top of Lucifer Falls, above the 115ft cascade in a dramatic gorge.  And while I’ve not ever been one for spending much time in the water, I have always been impressed by its power.  In this magnificent place, it’s obvious how time and the power of water have carved out some amazing chasms.  The landscape in this area of the Finger Lakes was revealed roughly 12,000 years ago when mile-high glaciers retreated, leaving behind the Finger Lakes and its steeped walled valleys.  Shale and limestone meet in this area of the country and help to shape limestone shelves and potholes in the streambeds.

Below are a few more images from the day… and I’m really looking forward to seeing these places at different times of year.  I kept visualizing fall color or ice in these places!  Well, maybe not when we were swimming…

Joe enjoying Enfield Falls _DSC4042RAMweb _DSC4032RAMweb _DSC4002RAMweb _DSC3987RAMweb_DSC3971RAMweb


Joe enjoying Enfield Falls


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