another falls…

_DSC4795RAMwebI have been spending the summer scouting out the natural wonders of my new home.  Today we ventured out a little further from home base to explore yet another falls and gorge area of the Finger Lakes.  I was reminded again and again of Monongahela National Park in WV and my trip there with photographer friends, Eric Black and Justin Black as we explored Letchworth State Park.  I wonder if this part of New York will explode with the intensity of fall colors we experienced on that trip a couple years ago.  But I am finding that even with all this grandeur, I am still drawn to the intimacy of the landscapes before me.


And while I really didn’t expect the heat of summer to offer me much to create with my camera, and I feel joy just in sharing the exploration with Joe, the abundant rains and the gift the water has given to the landscape is evident in the lush green and burgeoning waterfalls… a small gift of seeing this new landscape in abundance.

_DSC4776-EditRAMweb _DSC4814-Edit-EditRAMweb



2 thoughts on “another falls…

  1. Have you been there, Jared? It was a little more commercial than I had expected. But there is beauty everywhere if you look closely. Next weekend I may return to Robert Treman State Park for a hike along the part I missed the last visit.

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