witness autumn

As we are entering into October, I’ve been able to take a little time to sit in observation of the bounty of autumn.  I am reminded by many posts on other blogs and sites about “hunting” for the peak opportunity to photograph fall color.  But I don’t want to rush the season by wishing for these moments.  Rather I prefer to slow down the progression by taking the time to enjoy the process of witnessing the transitions happening before us, those subtle changes, those spaces when your breath can be taken away by a smaller moment.

So in that spirit, enjoy the beginnings of our autumn in the Finger Lakes of New York with me.

Lucifer Falls


beside the creek

farm field at rest

Enfield Falls


8 thoughts on “witness autumn

  1. Hi Rhoda, I have not visited your blog in quite some time… Looking back over the older entries to see where you are these days. And I just have to say how magical and amazing is the photo of the tree trunks laying against the falls. Really really fine!
    I hope all is working well for you in your new life!

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