in the year 2013

As we have witnessed the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and celebrated holidays around the beauty of love, life and community, and the days are slower and allow time for deeper thinking, I am reminded again and again how essential creativity and relationships are to being human.  As I reflect back on the images I captured this year, I find a new diversity of subjects capturing my attention and surfacing through my work.  Admittedly, I would have never started this yearly reflection without the inspiration of Jim Goldstein’s “Best of” blog posts each year.  I recommend stopping by his site to see previous years’ entries from 2007-2012 and maybe enter your own favorites to “Your Best Photos of 2013”.











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3 thoughts on “in the year 2013

    • Thanks Jared. I find it very interesting the opposing views of the waterfall/branch image, some really like it while others find it boring. And that’s what I love about art and creativity, people bring more about themselves to an image than people on the surface might realize!

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