About Rhoda



Good photographs are not “pictures of,” they are “pictures about,” ~ they share a story.

I believe in and appreciate the magic of shared stories.  Photography has become a way of telling my own stories, expressing the wonders that speak to my heart and the relationships of things beyond man-made reality.

Degrees in Anthropology and Horticulture were ways for me to study the science of the natural world and humanity, to gain a formal understanding of its complexities.  Explained relationships and botanical names gave order to chaos.  And like so many photographers, my early attempts at photography helped me document what I was learning.  But this approach, deeply grounded in our culture’s need to dominate and exploit nature, did not yield the intimate connection I was looking to experience and understand.

My goal as an artist, and as a person, is to witness, embrace and rejoice in the breadth of what it is to be truly human and engaged with the diversity of life, knowing that my own journey will continue to grow and adapt in concert with the time I spend in observation. I seek to find mystery, beauty, gratitude and grace, a connection to the good in the world even in moments when things might be crumbling around us or hidden behind human constructs.

I hope to share stories about relationships grounded in our nature-human experience.