Print information

Fine Art Prints

All prints are ink on paper thoughtfully printed to best represent my personal feelings of each scene.  I print on Hahnemühle fine art papers and all prints are signed and dated.

size              print only             matted (local delivery only)

16.5”            $180                     $250

20”               $300                     $380

24”               $360                     $450

30”               $650                     $750

Larger sizes are also available.  Please call for a quote.

All prints that must be shipped to their final destination are supplied as prints only.  Local clients may order prints matted with archival quality mats and backing boards.  Shipping charges are billed at cost.  Local delivery charges for deliveries outside of Ithaca, NY may be avoided if clients pick up prints by prior arrangement.

Metal Prints

Many of my images are available printed by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.  This process creates a highly luminous, ready to hang, satin-finished print. Metal prints are weatherproof and moisture proof, but they will fade like a normal photograph, so please avoid direct sunlight. Flush mounts are flush with the perimeter of the image.  Inset mounts are stepped in from the edges of the image to create a floating appearance.   Please include your preference with your order.

6×6” botanical tiles $75 each (special order minimum of 6 inset mount only)

10×10” botanical tiles $125 each (special order minimum of 6 inset mount only)

18”                                                $720

24”                                                $990

30”                                                $1250

36”                                                $1900

45”                                                $2600

Payment can be made by cash, check or via PayPal by sending an email to:


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